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    Welcome to the forefront of internet innovation and advocacy, led by LARUS Limited’s visionary CEO and founder, Lu Heng. In an era of growing censorship concerns, Lu Heng has emerged as a trailblazer committed to ensuring an open and inclusive internet.

    Lu Heng’s journey began with a deep understanding of the critical issues posed by IPv4 address depletion. In response, he founded his LARUS Limited in 2016 and introduced his innovative IP leasing strategy that addresses the pressing problem of address scarcity. This breakthrough solution not only makes connectivity more affordable for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Africa and Asia, but also reduces the burden on Regional Internet Registry (RIR) systems. LARUS Limited has revolutionized the industry by providing over 10 million IP addresses to customers in over 60 countries.

    With a strong need for a more accessible internet, Lu Heng expanded his influence by founding the LARUS Foundation, an NGO organization dedicated to increasing digital access and affordable education in developing countries. The foundation encourages the next generation to pursue careers in network management through scholarships, events, and conferences, and promotes openness, democracy, and embracing the shared vision of ” One World, One Network.

Lu Heng’s influence extends far beyond the scope of LARUS Limited and the LARUS Foundation. As a member of the PTC Advisory Board and an active participant in APNIC, he promotes accountable leadership, fair market practices, and adoption of the next generation of IPv6 addresses. The vision includes socio-economic and environmental benefits, affirming a commitment to creating a better digital world that benefits everyone, not just the wealthy.

Despite the challenges of navigating the ever-changing digital landscape, Lu Heng remains optimistic. He believes that emerging economies have limitless potential, fueled by the passion and creativity of younger generations. Join Lu Heng on this transformative journey where innovation meets advocacy and the internet becomes a tool for positive change. We can work together to shape a brighter, more inclusive digital future under Lu Heng’s leadership.

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